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          About sentech  
          About Sentech
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          Shanghai Sentech Automotive Electronic Co. Ltd. is a company which focuses on automotive sensors and automotive high-end infotainment system. The other products include the automotive HVAC controller, the automotive cluster and the electro-thermal cup, etc.


          Shanghai Sentech is a JV which is set up by Shanghai Delco and DL Inc. These two investors hold 60% and 40% of the company respectively. Shanghai Delco has many years history on the automotive electronics business. It has strong technical developing capability, rich manufacturing experience and comprehensive quality control system. Besides, it gets the technical support from Delphi. DL Inc. is the representative of TI in China automotive electronic market and gets the technical support from TI. Basing on the resources of the two investors, Shanghai Sentech is strong on the technical and quality control capability.


          Shanghai Sentech takes the technical innovation and the quality control as the prime impetus for the company development. We try to make our products first level on the performance and the quality. The goal of Shanghai Sentech is to be the best automotive sensor company in China and the important OEM supplier in the world.


          Shanghai Sentech is the first tier supplier for SVW, SGM, SAIC, Dongan Auto Engine, Hafei Aviation Industry, China Brilliance, Great Wall Motor, Haima Auto, Zhongxing Auto, Huataixiandai, etc.

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